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R&B, Rock & Soul

all find a voice in singer/songwriter Kathleen Burgoon as she breaks into the music world with her debut album, Far From Yesterday.

Combining passionate instrumentation, seductive melodies and poetic lyrics her songs will guide you through the facets of relationships and love. Each song is an intimate tale felt by many.

When Kathleen isn’t touring abroad, she can be seen fronting ‘Kathleen and the International Band’ throughout Southern California.

“Far From Yesterday” Album

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WALKING ALONE is now out on iTunes!!

Click HERE to purchase Kathleen Burgoon’s new album, Walking Alone! A special thank you to Wolf Kroeger for producing, writing, mixing, mastering, and playing multiple instruments on the album! Shout out to our incredible musicians!!!! Robert Perez, Piano Schachar Boussani, Bass Nathanael … Continue reading

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After 1 year of production, 5+ years of writing, and nearly 6 years since the release of her debut album, Kathleen Burgoon will release Walking Alone this month! Produced by Wolf Kroeger Photo by Joven Calingo Photography Design by Dahni … Continue reading

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