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R&B, Rock & Soul

all find a voice in singer/songwriter Kathleen Burgoon.

Kathleen Burgoon has been performing internationally since 2011 and had the great opportunity of touring to 105 countries. While abroad, she performed songs from her debut album, Far From Yesterday, in addition to many other shows.

When Kathleen isn’t touring abroad, she can be seen fronting ‘Kathleen and the International Band’ and ‘Heisler Park’ throughout Southern California.

Walking Alone released August 12, 2016.

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News and Updates

The Gratitude Network

Kathleen debuted her new song, Feel the Gratitude at The Gratitude Network‘s fundraising event in San Fransisco on November 5, 2017! She wrote Feel the Gratitude for the nonprofit organization, calling the listener to consider key issues children around the world … Continue reading

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